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Easter 2023

Book Corner

As a change this Lent and Eastertide, my choices for this season come from the Bible Reading Fellowship who have a range of books and resources for individual and group reflection.

Images of Grace - a journey from darkness to light at Easter by Amy Scott Robinson

Lent is traditionally a time of repentance, fasting and prayer as we prepare to celebrate our salvation at Easter. Through daily readings and reflections from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day, Amy Scott Robinson explores different biblical images of repentance, sin, forgiveness and grace, bringing them together in Holy Week as a lens through which to view Christ’s work of reconciliation on the cross.

978 1 80039 117 8 £ 9.99

When They Crucified My Lord A BRF Centenary Classic

On this journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter day, you are invited to become a pilgrim with Brother Ramon. Each day there is the opportunity to stop and reflect on the gospel story, drawing insight from the experience of those who were there during the events of the first Easter, finding imagination and strength for the greatest journey of our lives.  Suffering and glory are intermingled in real human experience in this book, which is designed for personal and group use, for Christians of all traditions.  

978 1 80039 089 8 £ 14.99

At Home in Lent: An explanation of Lent through 46 objects.  Daily readings and reflections for Lent by Gordon Giles

Inspired by Neil Macgregor’s Radio 4 programme, ‘A History Of The World in 100 Objects’, Gordon Giles spends each week in a different room gleaning spiritual lessons from everyday household objects.  As a result, you might discover that finding God in the normal pattern of life – even in the mundane – transforms how you approach each day. Running as a thread through it all are the seven Rs of Lent: regret, repentance, resolution, recognition, reconciliation, renewal and resurrection.  

978 0 85746 589 4 £ 8.99

Towards Jerusalem by Steve Brady

God has an agenda for cities. Steve Brady is convinced of it. The Bible is full of significant cities and the biblical story is full of imagery of cities - culminating in God’s ‘holy city’. ‘Towards Jerusalem’ is a unique Lent book with a call to live for a vision bigger than ourselves and all this means in transformation terms for the Christian believer today.  

978 0 85746 560 3 £ 7.99

Encountering the Risen Christ by Mark Bradford

The post-resurrection encounters between Jesus and the disciples provide us with some of the most profound and personal moments to be found in scripture.  The risen Christ comes to his disciples in all their brokenness – their sadness, fear, doubt, shattered dreams and failures – and calls them to a future filled with hope, confidence, confirmed faith, new beginnings and restored lives.  ‘Encountering the Risen Christ’ is a life-transforming way. The seven chapters plus discussion material can be used across the seven weeks from Easter to Pentecost in individual reflection or group study or at any time of year.

978 085746 428 6 £ 8.99

All choices taken from the Bible Reading Fellowship Lent Resources Booklet.  Order online at brfonline.org.uk or phone BRF direct +44 (0) 1865 319700

Wishing you all a meaningful Lent and joyous Easter.

Lynn Winter