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Christmas 2018 issue

Book Corner

Following on from the Autumn edition, I am pleased to suggest another  selection of  books for Advent / Christmas meditation / giving.

Midwife Of Borneo by Wendy Grey Rogerson and Barbara Fox

In 1959 Newcastle nurse Wendy Grey leaves her comfortable life and answers a call to run a clinic in a place so remote that many have never seen a white women before.  Until her arrival, medical witchcraft has been the norm.  Wendy quickly gained the trust of the locals and they begin to flock to her for treatment. And when some required emergency surgery, she became an anaesthetist and surgeon too.  From treacherous journeys to tea parties with governors; from tussles with snakes to Scrabble with nuns; from illness to love – this unique glimpse into missionary life comes from Wendy’s diaries, written by the light of an oil lamp in her bamboo and palm-leaf home while back in the UK churches are praying for Borneo.
REF 2509 (SPCK) (RRP£9.99)
ASLAN £8.99

Simply Eat

Inspirational testimonies from people who have found faith or encountered God afresh as they met with Christians around the dinner table. Food and faith go together.  Throughout the Bible, God provides food for His people, and it changes things.  Regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or wealth, we all have a God-given physical and spiritual hunger. When we come together to eat, we put difference aside, discover a shared humanity and find our needs met. From a Hindu priest, to a schoolgirl, to a celebrity chef, Simply Eat is packed with stories and the recipes from them, alongside photos of the people behind the stories.

(RRP £15.00) ASLAN £12.00

In This Light Thoughts for Christmas by Justin Welby

A Collection of thoughts and inspiration from around the world, curated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Days around Christmas are busy and noisy; somewhere in that hustle and bustle the message of Christmas is faintly heard, but Advent gives us a natural time to pause and reflect. In This Light is a gathering of the writings of 50 leaders – some traditional, some not so – each sharing a view on Christmas and community.

Contributors include Bear Grylls, Sadiq Khan, Alan Titchmarsh, Miranda Hart, Bishop Michael Curry, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Malala and President of Google, Matt Brittin, amongst many others!

This is a mix of testimonies, inspiration, and classic Christmas readings in a beautiful gift book format.

REF 2444 (HARPER INSPIRE) (RRP £10.99)
ASLAN £7.99

Christmas Through The Keyhole by Derek Tidball

A look at 4 songs sung around the birth of Jesus as recorded in Luke’s Gospel: Mary’s song (the Magnificat); Zechariah’s song (the Benedictus); the angel’s song, (the Gloria); and Simeon’s song (the Nunc Dimittis). It offers a fresh approach to the Christmas story with a focus on Jesus as the fulfilment of Old Testament promises and patterns.

REF 1674 (BRF) (RRP £6.99) ASLAN £5.99

Hark! A Biography of Christmas by Paul Kerensa

A comedic sleigh ride through Christmas history, answering questions you never thought to ask!  Whether you mull on wine or enjoy the biggest turkey, the biggest tree or the biggest credit card bill, unwrap your story through 12 dates of Christmas past. From Roman revelry to singing Bing, via Santa and a snoozing saviour, this tale is perfect trivia for the dinner table.

REF 1828 (LION) (RRP £7.99) ASLAN £6.49

The Sleepy Shepherd by Stephen Cottrell and Chris Hagan

The Sleepy Shepherd completely misses the visit of the angels, and the chance to greet the Christ-child in Bethlehem. But one crucial night, years later, he makes an important decision – to be a real shepherd to a man whose friends have all fallen asleep.  Ages 6 – 8.

REF 2354 (SPCK) (RRP £6.99) ASLAN £5.99

All suggestion taken from the Winter Edition of  ‘Aslan Christian Books’
www.aslanchristianbooks.com  or phone 08453 679676 or 01373 823451 or I can order for you.  

Lynn Winter