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New Year 2020 issue

Book Corner

Here is a selection for Advent and Christmas for meditation and/or giving.

Humbug and Happiness by Sheila Jacobs

An Advent Course based on the Film A Christmas Carol (released as Scrooge in the UK starring Alastair Sim). In four weekly studies structured around scenes from the film, explore themes of living through difficulties, things from the past that hold us back, being aware of God’s call for us in the present, and understanding the plan for our life. Each session includes timing references for watching scenes from the film, and questions for reflection or in groups, activities and prayers.  

REF 2898 (RRP £6.99) ASLAN £5.99

The Prince Of Peace In A World Of Wars by David Kerrigan

God’s promise in Jesus is to bring peace, both with God and with others. But have we really understood what this peace looks like, especially in a world of wars and suffering? The coming of Jesus at Christmas is central to the divine plan to bring peace to the world. Through reflection on Scripture and mission stories, David locates God at the centre of our mission and encourages us to restore the peace, joy and hope that comes from Jesus.  

REF 2351 (RRP £8.99) ASLAN £7.99

Rejoice! by Chris Wright and John Stott

25 Bible meditations based on Scripture verses and bit size teaching from John Stott with commentary and prayers from Chris Wright. Each meditation deepens our appreciation of the timeless spiritual truths of Advent and Christmas. Introduction:  The God who comes and comes - and comes again. Set out into 4 sections of study, this 4 week long devotional explores: The God who comes in Scripture’s story, the God who came in person, the God who came as promised, and the God who will come in Glory.

REF 2903 (RRP £7.99) ASLAN £6.99

The Birth Of Christ

The Gospels combined with Rembrandt’s beautiful, worshipful art to produce a delightful, inspirational gift, featuring 34 paintings, drawings and etchings from Rembrandt’s best known masterpieces. The accompanying CD contains a variety of choral music.  

REF 1757  (RRP £8.99) ASLAN £3.99

Jenny the Shy Angel by Anne Booth

“I love you God” Jenny says “I want to praise you too, but when there’s lots of noise about I don’t know what to do”. When the angels go to see the newborn king, Jenny stays behind to be quiet, which is when she learns about love, nature and that shyness doesn’t matter because quiet moment with God are special. Ages 4 – 6.

REF 2410  (RRP £7.99) ASLAN £6.49

Joseph and the Three Gifts by Brian Sibley

We are all familiar with Joseph from the Christmas Story, but yet he is someone we know very little about. And rarely given much thought to. This beautiful fable, imagined as though told by the archangel Gabriel, helps us understand who Joseph was and how he might have felt about his part in the Greatest Story Ever Told. Follow Joseph from Bethlehem, hiding in Egypt and returning to his carpentry in Nazareth as Jesus grows from boy to man to Messiah. A wonderful story for older children and adults for Advent and Lent.

REF 2933 (RRP £9.99) ASLAN £7.99

All suggestions taken from Aslan Christian Books Christmas 2019.aslanchristbooks.com or phone 01373 823451 or I can order for you.

With best wishes for the New Year.

Lynn Winter