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Autumn 2019 issue

St George’s Calendar

One of the prominent features of the St George’s Website on the opening page is the calendar and diary which sets out the latest information on all that is going on, both by way of services and of social and fundraising events.

It is a great reference point - the website is at www.stgeorges.church

But, did you know that it is easy to have this calendar integrate into your own personal calendar on your Smartphone or tablet?

Here’s what you do:

 In a web browser, go to Google - www.google.co.uk - and if you are not logged in already, log in to your Google account. (The icon for doing this is in the top right hand corner).

Click on the 3 rows of 3 dots and select “calendar” from the menu.

On the left hand side, where it says “other calendars” click the + sign.

In the screen that now appears, enter the email address:


If you have an Android phone or tablet, all done, your Smartphone will now sync with the St George’s Calendar.

If you have an iphone or ipad, there may be another step - to sync your device with Google if this is not done already:

 Open “settings”

Tap “passwords & accounts”

Tap “add account” and then “Google”

Enter your Google account email address and then “next”

Enter your Google account password and tap “next”

All done…. To sync just your calendar, turn off the “other services”.

There you go … you will now not miss a thing that is going on at St George’s! It will all appear in your calendar automatically without you needing to do anything.