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Book Corner

Summer 2018 issue

For the summer edition of St. George’s News, here is a mixed selection of choices for enjoyment and thought.

God Moments For Busy People by Jennifer Rees Larcombe

 30 reflections and prayers on the ‘God moments’ in daily life.  Find respite, reflect, be encouraged and find the presence of God through these delightful, uplifting and insightful reflections.  

 REF 2206 (RRP (8.99)    ASLAN £7.99

Simply Jesus by Tom Wright

 Who is Jesus?  A simple question that everyone must ask.  Centuries of church tradition has made it harder for us to see Jesus the way his contemporaries did and to understand him in the way he wanted to be understood.  This book places Jesus firmly within his own context, and shows how startlingly relevant he is today, larger, more radical and more urgent than we ever imagined.

 REF 7867 (RRP £9.99)ASLAN £6.99

The One Hour Bible by Philip Law

 The forbidden Fruit, Jacob and the stairway to heaven, Joseph and his brothers, Samson and Delilah, David and Goliath, Jonah and the whale, the miracles of Jesus, Paul’s vision on the road to Damascus,  the new Jerusalem:  the Bible is full of dramatic stories that have made it the world’s bestselling book, and yet few people ever get around to reading it from cover to cover. Now, with The One Hour Bible, readers of all ages can discover its riches and gain a birds-eye view of the entire sweep of the Bible’s epic story in just sixty minutes.  

 REF 2262 (RRP £4.99) ASLAN £4.49

Growing in Gratitude by Mary K. Mohler

 We are encouraged to count our blessing, but biblical gratitude is more than that.  Mary unpacks Scripture to help us grow in gracious gratitude and identify and deal with things that hinder us.  Rediscover the joy of a thankful heart, includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter for group use or for individual reflection.

 REF  2195 (RRP £7.99) ASLAN £6.99

Happy summer reading everyone!

All choices taken from the July-August edition of Aslan Christian Books.  Many more available to view on their website – aslanchristianbooks.com.  Or phone 08453679676.