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Easter 2020 issue

The Bright Side of Life

The Review of the Revue

St George’s Players said they’d do

For one night only, a Revue.

I thought that as I had the time

I’d write this little piece in rhyme.

A goodly number filled the hall

For entertainment, one and all.

With music played on piano

Bassoon and flute, throughout our show

And songs and sketches various.

Some sad and some hilarious.

In memory of Terry Jones

First Tony sang with many groans

Of life’s sore trials, especially though

Baggage Retrieval at Heathrow!

Jane’s passion for a surgeon came

With disadvantages, by name

His work was never far from mind.

The morning after she did find

Her passion of the night before

From students gained the highest score!

Our Vicar, keeping shop instead,

Mis-understanding what was said.

Confusion over plugs and candles

And lettering and forks with handles.

Has Fr Colin, with those “O”s

Renamed the Vic’rage “Mon Repose”?

Then Iain told the sorry tale

Of Joyce, who loved an errant male.

Her George proved fickle and it looks

Returned ne’er love nor library books.

Left Joyce, poor girl, with problem new;

Not only books were overdue!

The first half ended with a plea

Performed by all the Company.

“With drunken sailor, what to do?”

The audience had ne’er a clue!

The Interval and “soberly”

All queued in line for cups of tea.

Poor Richard had a painful time

Encountering a porcupine.

To dental surgery with Mum,

Extracting prickles from his bum.

A moral here - and this is it.

Check carefully before you sit!

Hector, in club, inebriated,

Met fellow golfer and related

To him, his lack of policy.

A Life Insurance needed he.

With application form dictating

Commission there anticipating.

His friend’s endeavours proved in vain

To penetrate his “pickled” brain.

Our “Little Ladies of the Night”

Displayed their wares by soft lamplight.

Pearl, Rose and Mitzi and one more -

Lillie Marlene made up the four.

A wealthy man each hoped to meet.

Who’d sweep them off their dainty feet.

This will, I fear a dream remain

For Pearl, Rose, Mitzi and Marlene.

Located in a Home-For-Care.

A problem with the Caithness Chair,

Discovered inadvertently

Its “turbo power” could be the key

For old folk lacking occupation,

A more exciting recreation.

Flew out the window, one by one

Mischievously in search of fun.

A dozen elderlies zimmed free

To beach at Bexhill-on-the-Sea.

We finished with a useful guide

To “Looking on the Brighter Side”.

Our thanks must go to everyone

Who made the evening so much fun.

Janet Johnson