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Lent & Easter 2019 issue

Book Corner

Here is a selection of new books to include some special ones for Lent which commences on March 6th this year.

How To Avoid The Peace by Dave Walker

Cartoonist, Dave Walker, is a shrewd observer of the quirks of church life.  His cartoons appear in The Church Times and have been turned into bestselling books. This collection includes a humorous look at contactless payments, new curates, holiday clubs and more!

ASLAN £7.99

Mindful Silence by Phileena Heuertz

Our lives are full of distractions that leave us disillusioned and dissatisfied with ourselves, with others, even with God. Spiritual practices that once sustained us fall short when life brings us to our limits. After years leading an international humanitarian organisation, Phileena experienced the deconstruction of her identity, worldview and faith. Centring prayer, a Christian experience of mindfulness, became a remedy offering peace and purpose. The hallmarks of contemplative spirituality have never been more important for our society; in solitude we are present, in silence, we listen, in stillness we find self-control.

REF 2559 (IVP) (RRP (£14.99) ASLAN £12.99

Travels With A Primate Around the World with Robert Runcie by Terry Waite

(Published 21st February)

From Darkest Africa to the darker and infinitely wetter birthplace of John Knox, from the remote expanse of the Alaska Highway to part of the Antipodes that even Bill Bryson could not reach.  Terry Waite takes us on a guided world tour in the company of Dr. Robert Runcie. Even an archbishop has little control over wars and missed connections, floods and food poisoning. But this Primate sailed majestically through the most troubled of waters, as his companions (including Richard Chartres) baled energetically in his wake. Hilarious and affectionate, this book offers an unashamedly nostalgic return to the 1980’s. A delightful tribute to friendship.

REF 2604 (SPCK) (RRP £9.99) ASLAN £7.99

Reconciliation by Muthuraj Swamy. The Archbishop Of Canterbury’s  2019 Lent Book

Global in scope, but focusing on the role of ordinary people in conflict, Reconciliation explores the positives of multiculturalism and the challenge of accepting difference. It is a vibrant call to the church to maintain and strengthen relationships within their church, to cross borders to build relationships between denominations, and have open attitudes towards our neighbours and those from other religions and ideologies. These 40 biblical meditations with questions for reflection can be used at weekly gatherings or for daily devotion during Lent. Topics include impediments to reconciliation, risk, humility and radical openness.

REF 2560 (SPCK) (RRP £9.99) ASLAN £7.99

The Art Of Lent by Sister Wendy Beckett

This delightful book describes and interprets a series of paintings for each day of Lent. Artists often address subjects that our culture seeks to avoid, and  Sister Wendy Beckett’s brilliant and perceptive reflections will help you to read these paintings with a more discerning eye, and encounter deeper levels of spiritual meaning  than may at first appear.  

REF 1909 (SPCK) (RRP £9.99) ASLAN £7.99

All suggestions taken from the January / February 2019 edition of  ‘Aslan Christian Books’.

Aslanchristianbooks.com or phone 08453 679676 or I can order for you.

Lynn Winter